District Update

Ladynecks are 3-0 going into this week. We are starting to get healthy again, and feel like we are reaching our stride. Come out and support the girls this week, as there are huge games with playoff implications. Tuesday at home 5:30 vs Hughes Springs and Friday @ New Diana 5:30 also.

Hope to see you there.

Lindale Tourn

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Thursday March 10:

9:00 Quitman vs Harmony

10:50 Lindale vs White Oak

12:40 Lindale vs Harmony

2:30 White Oak vs Big Sandy

4:20 White Oak vs Spring Hill

6:10 Gilmer vs Harmony

8:00 Spring Hill vs Quitman

Friday March 11:

9:00 Lindale vs Spring Hill

10:50 North Lamar vs Spring Hill

12:40 Lindale vs Gilmer

2:30 Gilmer vs North Lamar

4:20 Lindale vs Harmony

6:10 Spring Hill vs White Oak

8:00 North Lamar vs White Oak

Saturday March 12:

9:00 Spring Hill vs Harmony

10:50 White Oak vs Gilmer

12:40 North Lamar vs Harmony

2:30 Quitman vs Lindale

4:20 North Lamar vs Gilmer

6:10 North Lamar vs Quitman

8:00 Gilmer vs Quitman