Defend the Derrick

Defend The Derrick

In the oil industry, the Derrick is known for providing a strong, stable foundation for drilling the “black gold” synonymous with the East Texas oil fields. It must be strong enough to support the tremendous weight of the drilling equipment and stable enough to fend off the forces of mother nature as well as enduring the eroding capabilities of father time. The sunset image that the Derrick cuts against the East Texas skies illustrates its strength, durability, toughness, and endurance and it is these characteristics that make the Derrick the symbol of this rugged industry. It is also the reason the Derrick is the symbol of White Oak Athletics.

Consequently, the job of maintaining, protecting, and working on the Derrick falls into the capable hands of men known as Roughnecks. The Roughneck, like the Derrick itself, is known for his toughness and durability while exhibiting an incredible degree of perseverance which allows him to succeed at a difficult task. He is respected for the precision in which he performs his tasks and for the role he plays in the overall success of the oil industry in the great state of Texas. Because of his unique physical capabilities and skill set, the Roughneck is entrusted with overseeing and protecting the Derrick. It is also the reason that the players who wear the White Oak uniform are Roughnecks.

The Roughneck and the Derrick symbolize the pride and tradition of excellence in the East Texas oil fields as well as White Oak Athletics. Consequently, anyone who has ever donned the maroon and white uniform of White Oak High School will forever carry with them the pride of being a Roughneck and the responsibility of being entrusted with defending the tradition this Derrick represents. From the first to ever put on the uniform until the last to take it off…Roughnecks are who we are and Defend the Derrick is what we do.