Advertising at FB Field

We are selling billboards at the Football field for the fall of 2013. Money raised during this campaign will help supplement the cost of a new scoreboard for the White Oak SB field. Please feel free to contact Coach Stanford or I for details.

Billboard Advertising Opportunity


White Oak ISD


Roughneck Stadium



Potential Advertiser,



White Oak ISD is offering an advertising opportunity at Roughneck Stadium beginning in the fall of 2013. Billboard space will be available at the north end of the stadium for seven, 8ft by 18ft, advertisements. The design and installation of each billboard will be completed by a local professional advertising vendor. The signs will be visible at Football games, Track Meets and Special Events. The billboards will be visible to anyone driving down Stadium Drive on the way to the Elementary. There is a model sign in place at this time that includes the White Oak ISD artwork and motto.


There are three contract options for the 8×18 billboards. The options are as follows:


  1. Three years @ $3,000.00 per year. (This includes an additional 4×4 sign to be displayed at the venue of your choice – Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, etc.)

  2. Three years @ $2,500.00 per year. (Repayment of the discount of $500.00 per year discount would be required for early release)

  3. One year contract of $3000.00 per year. (One year contract will require the vendor to pay the set-up coat for the sign)


In addition to the 8×18 signs, a 4ft by 24ft sign is available in the space under the scoreboard at the south end of the field for $2,000.00 per year and 4ft by 4ft signs under the 25 second clocks are available for $500.00 per year, for each sign. The length of the contract and terms are the same as the billboards.


The revenue generated by this project will be used to supplement the District Athletic Program and selected programs within the district as determined by the Board of Trustees. Some of the programs that will benefit from this project include, but are not limited, to UIL Academics, Fine Arts, Nature Center Projects and Technology Training for Teachers.


As you can see, supporting this project will do more than help the athletic programs at White Oak ISD. When the construction costs are recovered the income generated from this effort will exceed $20,000.00 per year and affect many students in the district. Thank you for your time and any consideration you may give to this Billboard Project. If you have any questions, please contact Gerry Stanford (903-291-2212) or Michael Gilbert (903-291-2201).







Michael Gilbert


White Oak ISD


Schedule Update

Updated Softball Schedule:
4/5 @ Union Grove : 5:30 – Varsity only
4/6 vs Waskom : 12:00 Varsity : 2:00 JV
4/9 @ EF : 5:30 Varsity : 7:30 JV
4/12 @ Tatum : 6:00 JV : 7:30 Varsity
4/16 vs Jefferson : 5:30 Varsity : 7:30 JV
4/19 vs Ore City : 5:30 Varsity only – Sr. Night