Student Travel Policy

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White Oak Independent School District

Athletic Department

200 S. White Oak Rd., White Oak TX., 75693

Athletic Director: Tracy Blankenship phone: 903-291-2212 fax: 903-291-2222

Student Travel

It is the policy of White Oak I.S.D. to do everything possible to facilitate our kids participating in every program offered by our school. From time to time kids participating in multiple sports, UIL, or band contest need transportation from one event to another. We will make every attempt not only to get our children to every event, but we also will require our kids to travel with their team, coach, or staff member. If coaches or sponsors cannot transport kids from event to event, we will utilize other staff members or administrators. When these options are not possible, we will allow kids to travel with their parents. If this is not possible kids may travel with another parent if the parent of that child has previously approved such travel. When all these travel options are not possible because of extenuating circumstances a student athlete may transport themselves between events if previously approved by the parents. Such approval should be verbal, and not just a written note. If preapproval has not been established by the coach or sponsor, the student athlete will be transported to all events by school employees or parents only! Every parent should expect their child to be transported to and from events with their coach, sponsor, or school administrator. Any exceptions will be verbally communicated between parents and coach.

Schedule Changes

The Supt. have voted to change our district start times to 5:30 instead of 6.

We will be having a JV game with Harmony at 4:30 on March 29th.

The away game with Harmony has been moved to April 22nd, due to them losing their snow day and having to attend school on Good Friday. UIL restricts them from playing on Thursday if they are in school on Friday.

Changes have been made to the master schedule – make sure you have the updated copy.